Empower Your Business with Seamless Automation, Customized Campaigns, and Unmatched Conversion Tools – All Under One Hood!

MouseTrap Workflows

Use Workflows To Build Scaleable Systems To Cut Costs And Increase Efficiency

Create Powerful Automations In Just A Few Clicks

Build powerful workflow automations that will cut labor cost, increase efficiency and drive more sales on autopilot.

Pick From Tons Of Plug And Play Templates

Turn your Business Into A Money Making Machine

Create a high converting sales process that runs on it’s own without the need to have a big complicated team. A machine like this completely removes all the tedious tasks that you’d normally need an entire team to take care of.

There’s Nothing To Big Or Small That MouseTrap Worfklows Can’t Automate

Automate anything from segmenting leads to sending voicemail drops to even adding leads to facebook custom audiences. MouseTrap workflows make it possible to automate anything your business needs in just a few clicks.

REPLACES: Gohighlevel | Hubspot | Zapier

MouseTrap Funnels

Create & Launch High Converting Funnel In Under 10 Mins With Our Proven Templates

The Easiest Drag & Drop Funnel Builder Ever Created

Launch a HYPER Specific funnel in less than 10 mins. You’ll have 100+ tools at your fingertips to build the perfect funnel that attracts your ideal client. Go live at the touch of a button and start making sales! No need to spend hours faffing around anymore.

Stop Guessing And Start Making Decisions Based On REAL DATA

The single most important thing in the marketing game is knowing your numbers. Find out what pages are converting best with our split testing & reporting tool. Plus if you’re a marketing geek you can have fun testing anything from headlines to images and so much more!

Successfully Launch High Converting Funnels Using Our Results Proven Templates

Access our secret vault of templates that have produced 6,7 and even 8 figures. Hundreds of proven templates across 27+ niches. All templates are 100% customizable giving you the creative freedom to create HYPER Specific Funnels that drive sales!

REPLACES: Clickfunnels | Kartra | Leadpages | Instapage

MouseTrap Websites

Build A Website That Makes Your Brand Stand Out Even If You Have ZERO Tech Experience

Stop Letting Your Competition Steal Your Leads By Having A Painfully Slow Website

Do you know most online businesses lose thousands of customers due to slow page load time? We use the most powerful technology to ever exist called level 0 CDN created by google. Which means you will have the fastest page load time in the world, Plus all our hosting is 100% FREE!

Quick & Easy Integration With Wordpress [ONE CLICK]

Our Wordpress integration app allows you to migrate your website to the fastest Wordpress hosting in just a few clicks. Once you install the easy plugin you can choose which funnels and MouseTRAP pages you want to include on your site. Finally say goodbye to messy subdomain links!

Launch a High Converting Website In Just A Few Clicks [EASY]

Skip the data phase by instantly using the best performing templates we’ve hand pulled from over 100,000 websites. Easily plug and play these templates with your business info to have your site launched in minutes. You won’t find a faster website builder anywhere else.

REPLACES: | Godaddy | Wordpress | Elementor Themes | Thrive Themes

MouseTrap Blogs

Blogging Made Easy With Our Robust Drag And Drop Blog Builder

Use Blogs As A FREE Way To Get More Traffic To Your Website

Use the most advanced blog builder to ever exist to effortlessly get your message seen by more people. More traffic = More Leads!

Get The Ultimate Traffic Boost With A High Ranking Blog

Get more eyes on your offers using our blog builder designed to maximize traffic. We teamed up with SEO experts at google to make sure your blog ranks higher and faster than any other platform.

Convert Blog Traffic Into Paying Customers

You can share your blog to any of your website or funnel page in one simple click. Plus, you can track data and metrics on each blog and use it to create valuable blogs your audience will love.

REPLACES: Wordpress | Wix | Blogger

MouseTrap Memberships

Create & Launch Your Very Own Online Course or Coaching Program Without Having To Use Any Other Softwares Or Apps

Give Your Clients A Learning Experience They Will LOVE

Easily build courses designed to be consumed in an easy to use interface. You will have all the tools you need to create a learning experience like no other. Use quizzes and drip content to keep your customers engaged!

The Only All In One Platform You Will Ever Need To Build, Run and Manage Your E-Learning Business

You never have to worry about using a bunch of different softwares to run your e-learning business. We’ve got you covered by giving you access to over 65+ easy to use tools and 10,000+ integrations.

See Where Your Customers Are Getting Stuck With Our Course Reporting Feature

With our inbuilt reporting tool, you can update your course based on user's behavior. You can see their last login time, course progress and so much more. Know what your audience needs and stay ahead of your competitors!

REPLACES: Kajabi, Teachable, Gumroad, Clickfunnels

MouseTrap Forms

Create Powerful Forms That Use Conditional Logic & Automation

Never Waste Time On Bad Leads EVER Again!

Tighten up your sales process using our form & survey builder. Qualify & disqualify leads in seconds! Automate the next steps using workflows.

Stop Bots From Getting Into Your Pipeline

Our form & survey builder has a built-in recaptcha that will make sure your leads are real humans. These forms & surveys also validate emails and phone numbers to make sure you never waste money sending an email or sms again.

Automatically Segment Leads And Send Them To The Relevant Workflow

Shorten the time it takes for a lead to become a customer by automating next steps. Send qualified leads that come in via a form to any list you want using automated workflow triggers. Send them an SMS, notify your sales team, or direct them to your calendar. Your options are limitless!

REPLACES: Jotform | TypeForm | CognitoForms | Wufoo | Wpforms

MouseTrap Chat

Easily Generate FREE Leads By Having A Place To Communicate With Future Clients

Give Your Brand The WOW Factor By Having A Chat Widget

Build trust with your leads with a chat experience that makes them feel heard. Our chat widget links with your MouseTRAP conversations, so you can have all your chats in one place. Making it impossible for you to miss one!

Convert More Website Visitors Into Customers

With Live Chat you can start nurturing your leads the second they land on your page. Along with answering their questions FAST. Making your conversion rate skyrocket!

Add Our Live Chat Widget To Wordpress

If you’re a die-hard WordPress fan don’t worry we've got you covered. You can add our Chat Widget to your wordpress site in ONE click!

REPLACES: Intercom | Freshworks | Tidio | Chatbot

MouseTrap Reputation

Increase Your Brand's Credibility With Social Proof

Spend Less Money On Client Acquisition By Leveraging Word Of Mouth

People are far more likely to buy from you if your brand has a good reputation. Customer reviews are the easiest way to create a strong brand image. They create massive demand & create FOMO!

Build A Review System To Get Reviews On Autopilot

Getting reviews from customers can be a hassle. If you do it too soon or too late you risk never getting one. You can set up automated review requests to send based on certain triggers. For example when a customer has completed 75% of your course.

Create A Feedback Loop To Consistently Audit Your Product And Brand Image

Reviews aren't meant to sit and collect digital dust. You need to see what your customers are saying. It's the only way you'll know what you need to change or improve. Our tool lets you view all the data in one place so you get the insights you need.

REPLACES: Hubspot | Pulsem | Birdeye

MouseTrap Reporting

Know Your Numbers [KPI’s] And Start Making Confident Decisions To Drive Sales

Use KPI’s To Make Data-Driven-Decisions

Making decisions in your business doesn't need to feel like a game of Russian roulette. For the first time ever you can have confidence when making decisions leveraging MouseTRAP Reporting. With our in-depth Reporting feature, you can see specific data in one single click. From ads, employee numbers, traffic sources & so much more!

Use Employee Performance Data To Hire & Fire

Imagine being able to view your sales team's data. Blind folded throwing darts at a dart board is what 92% of businesses do when it comes to making decisions. We use employee data to see what employees are profitable and which need more training.

REPLACES: Agency Analytics | | Databox

MouseTrap Social

Grow Your Social Media Presence On Autopilot

Schedule A Month’s Worth Of Posts In Minutes

Connect your social media platforms and schedule all your posts in one go. You even get to set the day and time you want your post to go out. Our Content scheduler makes it so easy for you to show up online. No more excuses!

Engage More & Sell More

Keeping up with DMs and comments can get overwhelming. Now you can check all of your social media messages in one place. Making it super and easy for you to reply, engage and turn leads in customers.

REPLACES: Hootsuite | | Buffer

MouseTrap Email

Get Your Emails In Front Of People Who WANT To Buy

Send Eye Catching Emails In Just A Few Clicks

Make your subscribers want to read your emails! Create emails that give your brand a million-dollar image and increase your click through rate. To help you get started we give you a few templates to show you what our drag and drop builder is capable of.

Not An Expert? Choose From 3 Easy To Use Email Builders

Everyone does things differently. It doesn’t matter if your a complete beginner or seasoned marketer…. We have the right builder for your skill set.

Choose From…

1.The regular builder (in MouseTRAP WORKFLOWS)

2.The template builder (in MouseTRAP EMAIL)

3.The HTML Builder (in MouseTRAP EMAIL)

Skyrocket Your Open & CTR Rates Using The Most Powerful Email Deliverability Tool

It doesn't matter how good your emails look, how well the copy is written or what the goal of the emails are. Nothing matters if your emails don't get opened which is why MouseTRAP emails is the best way to get your clients to read your emails.

REPLACES: Active Campaign | Mailchimp | Sendinblue | Klaviyo

MouseTrap Payments

Get Paid & Deliver Your Product To Your Customers In Seconds!

Enjoy A Smooth Payment Experience with Easy Stripe & Paypal Integration

Use Stripe or Paypal as your payment processor and never worry about payment issues. You can build high converting checkout pages in seconds. Plus you can add new products or services whenever you want!

Start The Relationship Of Right With Automated Product Fulfillment

If you want your customers to buy from you again you need to give them an amazing customer experience. You can set up an automation that handles your product delivery process. So the minute someone buys a product it sets off a chain of actions. Like the one below for example.

Notify team in slack > grant access to course > send welcome email with next steps > send a pre-recorded voicemail

REPLACES: Payfunnels | Stripe | ChargeBee

MouseTrap Integrations

Create Your Dream Platform By Integrating Your Favorite Apps In ONE Location

Connect Your Powerhouse Machine To Over 10,000 Apps

Our zapier integrations make it possible for you to create your perfect online workspace. You can connect with over 10,000 softwares in seconds! The best part is you can even create automations for your apps!

Easily Connect With Multiple Apps

Integrate with apps like zoom, stripe, google calendar, quickbooks, instagram, facebook, linkedin, and many more! Create automations with these apps to save time and cut back labor costs.

*We Consistently Add More Integrations

MouseTrap Pipelines

Visualize Your Entire Sales Operation In One Easy To Digest Pipeline

Identify The Cracks In Your Sales Process

Most people have no idea what's going on inside their funnels! Pipelines allow you to see exactly where leads are in your funnel. You can easily spot gaps and fix them in seconds, and increase conversions!

Revive Dead Leads Using Pipeline Automation

Avoid the common mistake of having a pipeline full of dead leads. You can use filters to find leads stuck at a specific stage for a long period. Then create a smart list and blast them with sms, text or email to revive them. Get more sales out of your existing leads!

Execute Marketing Automations Using Pipeline Triggers

Use triggers to nurture every single lead that comes through your pipelines. You can set up a trigger at different stages that send those leads into a workflow. Never miss a sales opportunity again!

REPLACES: Pipedrive | | Salesforce

MouseTrap Contacts

Create HYPER Specific Contact Lists & Easily Send Them To The Proper Workflow

Use Contact Smart Lists To Launch Targeted Marketing Campaigns

Make your leads feel like you’re talking directly to them with personalized messaging. You can select certain contacts based on their pipeline stage or latest activity. Add them to a smart list and send them an email, SMS, or add them to workflows. The possibilities are endless.

Know Your Contacts Inside Out With Our Robust Audit Log

When you know your customer's timeline you can be more strategic in your follow-up steps. Get important intel like recent page visits, live chat history if they came in through FB ads and so much more!

MouseTrap Calender

Create Unlimited Calendars & Automated Appointment Reminders In One Click

Schedule Meetings Faster Than Ever With Our Google & Zoom Integrations

Are you fed up of searching for a zoom link before every meeting? Once you connect your zoom or google meet to MouseTRAP Calendar. It will generate your link and send it to your guests every time you schedule a meeting. Letting you get down to business straight away!

Gain Visibility Of Your Teams Calendars & Stay On Track With KPI’s

If you can't see your team's call data & KPI’s…. it's impossible to see how the calls are performing. You can create team calendars and view everyone's schedule all in one place. It makes for better time management across the board! Plus, it avoids wasting time on calls that don’t produce sales.

Notify team in slack > grant access to course > send welcome email with next steps > send a pre-recorded voicemail

REPLACES: Calendly | Acuity | Scheduleonce

MouseTrap Conversations

Engage Your Leads With SMS, Email & Dm’s All In One Easy To Use Location

Stand Out From Your Competition By Having The Fastest Response Rate In Your Industry

It’s a hard gig trying to respond to every single message your business receives. That's why we created Conversations, the only inbox that allows you to see all of your messages together. Open your inbox and see emails, IG DMs, SMS’s, FB chats, phone calls and many more. The best part is you can respond to them all in one place!

Create Hyper Specific Templates In A Flash To Cut Back Response Time

As you scale you’re going to receive a higher volume of messages. You can save templates with answers to frequently asked questions. Then send them in one click! Don’t waste time answering the same questions over and over again… Use templates to increase team efficiency & answer questions in one click.

REPLACES: Twilio | Messagebird | Podium

MouseTrap Tasks

Integrate Tasks Within Workflows To Auto Assign Tasks To Team Members

Automatically Generate Tasks & Due Dates For Your Team On The Fly

Make sure your team always knows what they need to do so they can work to their best potential. No more excuses with instant task reminders to ensure the task is finished on time.

Never Miss A Follow Up Again

Did you know that 60% of sales are made in the follow-up? Our task manager makes it easy for you to create follow-up reminders for your team. The dashboard will display what leads you need to follow up with every day!

Get Task Alerts Sent Directly To Your Phone (or mobile app)

You can set up triggers to let you know a task is due soon. Get an SMS, in-app notification, or email to remind you of upcoming tasks. You can prioritize urgent tasks and ensure you're following up with your hottest leads!

REPLACES: Asana | | Clickup

Create & Launch High Converting Funnel In Under 10 Mins With Our Proven Templates



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